How to counter the counteroffer.

How to counter the counteroffer
14 februari 2022

You have actually made the choice and want to go for that new job. However, your current employer makes a counter offer, hoping to persuade you not to leave.

A counter offer is quite common, but there are few statistics about it. Research into this phenomenon, however, always brings up one fact: most people who accept a counter offer leave their employer within 12 months. Many more do that after three to six months.

A counter offer comes in various forms: a raise, additional extra benefits, a long-awaited promotion or job title, more responsibility, a new position, more involvement in challenging projects.

Reasons for your employer to want to keep you

Of course you can see a counter offer as a compliment, a strong signal that they are making an effort to keep you. But also look beyond that. Because maybe your current employer has other reasons for making you a counter offer.

  • Replacing an employee can be expensive
  • Your employer's budget can be turned upside down by having to look for a replacement at that time of the year
  • Your employer doesn't have time to look for a replacement right now
  • Your employer wants to keep you employed until he finds a replacement
  • They want you to finish the project you're working on
  • They currently do not have the time to train a new employee
  • Losing an employee can be a bad point for your manager

Stay or leave?

There is almost never a good reason to take a counter offer and stay where you are. Keep the following points in mind when making your choice:

  • Even if you stay, your loyalty will always be questioned
  • The above point will hinder further promotion opportunities
  • Your colleagues will see you differently
  • Why are they now offering you what you had earned before?
  • Was the problem solved for which you resigned in the first place?

But suppose you decide to stay?

Then be wise, don't be naive. It is not because you have accepted the counter offer that your notice of dismissal will be forgotten. You will therefore have to do your very best to regain the trust of your employer.

You may find that you have to work harder than your peers to prove your loyalty to the company and your value as a long-term asset. Your new life with your “old” employer will not be easy.

Accepting a counter offer is certainly not the safe option. If you have made a conscious choice beforehand to accept another job, thank your employer for the opportunity and confirm your intention to leave.

Stand firm. Leave, but make sure you leave on good terms.

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